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Minim is a collective that amplifies the voice of municipalism by sharing practical and theoretical knowledge, via a community of activists, scholars, journalists, and public officials.

The Fearless Cities, Barcelona June 2017 re-kickstarted the New Municipalism wave

In the current political context, the municipalist movement stands out as an inspiration and a sign of hope. It serves as an example of possible political alternatives that democratize institutions putting people and the commons at the center of the political agenda, changing the current political culture and thereby fostering real systemic change in politics.

This is a crowd-sourced project that comes as a response to the need to connect and disseminate the work of people, governments and political platforms working on municipalism. With no intention of overlapping the activities already being carried out by the network movement, Minim wants to support it by critically raising issues, opening new debates, promoting new forms of collaboration between platforms, and amplifying the voice of municipalists who have few resources.

Representatives of municipalist movements from Bologna, Messina, Avellino, Barletta, Padova and Naples in a public event in Avellino. Photo by: ARCI Avellino.

Minim’s Mission

The mission is to promote a more democratic political culture by:

  • Supporting municipalist organisations so they can become more democratic and feminist
  • Generating resources that encourage activists to form new municipalist organisations and help them grow and connect with other platforms
  • Helping traditional political parties and movements learn from the experiences of municipalism and apply some of their practices
  • Helping local governments access information about innovative policies that are being defended and/or implemented by the municipalist movement
  • Making information about municipalism available to all these actors, in addition to the general public
  • Helping municipalist platforms and governments to share their knowledge, learn from each other and collaborate
A ‘critical mass’ assembly in Naples. Photo by: Asilo Filangieri.

Their role is threefold:

  • To make existing information about municipalism available and easy to access for everyone
  • To generate new information about municipalism and make it available and easy to access for everyone
  • To maintain a community of collaborators that includes activists, scholars, journalists, public officials and ordinary people who share a common interest for municipalism and can shape the project

Guerrilla Grant

The seed funding from us will result in the curation of a database of different kinds of content, from press articles to reports and academic papers. The collective will develop content in order to publish an online magazine with articles that they assign or receive through a permanent open calls (click if you want to “collaborate” with them). In the future they will also produce longer reports and in-depth studies, meanwhile, they send out a monthly newsletter with updated content. The content they manage can be divided into two main categories:

  1. municipalist transformative policies
  2. political culture (which includes elements such as the feminisation of politics, emancipatory politics, democratic decision-making mechanisms, new organisational practices and structures, and new political discourses and narratives).
“The relative failure of Italian municipalist platforms when is comes to networking is partially due to their reluctance to conceive of themselves as belonging to a new form of municipalist political culture”

Grant size  10-20k Year  2019 Approach  Digital activism ; New politics (pol. innovation, dir. democracy, municipalism)

Issue Areas  New Politics

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