Grantees Barcelona, España

2020 Rebelión por el Clima

2020 Rebelión por el Clima are a new coalition of diverse eco-social movements from across the Iberian Peninsula that are beginning to organise around a shared theory of change that understands the global climate emergency as an urgent and strategic point intersectional struggle, and the need for mass non-violent disobedience to confront it.

While climate change affects all of us, it does not affect everyone equally. How we deal with this unprecedented crisis has great potential to either exacerbate or alleviate the structural inequalities that is the legacy of centuries of capitalism, colonialism, speciesism, organised racism, and patriarchy. The Rebelión collective understand the climate crisis as the culminating symptom of this extractivist world-view.

As such, they provide an intersectional platform for organising against its root causes that has the to potential bring together diverse movements and sectors of society as they work to urgently retool civilization for life on a finite and unstable planet. The historic moment we all find ourselves in, demands bravery, creativity, community and impassioned organising if we are to have any chance to avoid a breakdown of human civilization.

The vision of 2020 Rebelión por el Clima is a disobedient and intersectional climate justice movement that erupts throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe, uniting a plethora of movements behind it; with enough power to offer real responses to austerity, industry-government “revolving door” corruption and the rise of the far right. They (rightly) believe that the powerful, bold and creative social movements of Spain and Portugal can bring new energy and ambition into European climate organising.

The Guerrilla Grant 

The climate movement in Spain is in its infancy, while its social movements are extremely powerful and innovative. With the rise of both Fridays4Future and Extinction Rebellion groups appearing across the peninsula, this is a good opening for intersectional organising around climate in a way that hasn’t been possible before. There is real momentum that continues to grow – and 2020 Rebelión por el Clima are creating a platform that can absorb and support these hundreds of new activists by in deepening their structural analysis and by providing a clear strategic invitations for collective action. Therefore some of our funding will go directly into the core costs of setting up and running this platform.

To accomplish this, they will:

a) Support decentralised mobilising to push people towards participation in summer action camps (Ende Gelande and Camp-in-Gas) that will function as spaces for people to gain experience with direct action, deepen understandings of “climate justice” and advance strategy discussions.

b) Run a training-for-trainers and then to support these trainers in delivering non-violent direct action trainings across the peninsula and to coordinate a “warm-up” action in September 2019 alongside a network strategy meeting.

c) Support their internal processes by developing a unified website, “brand” and hashtag and continue their network building and coordination group that facilitates communication between different working groups, regions and network members.

Grant size  10-20k Year  2019 Approach  Capacity building (trainings, events, research) ; Organising

Issue Areas  Climate Justice

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