Join our Funders Circle

As a collective endeavour of Activist Council, Funders Circle, and team, the Guerrilla Foundation is on a journey to figure out how we might contribute to complex systems change and a more just society. 

We are a nimble, responsive organisation suited to explore opportunities in the landscape for activism funding and with the goal to find out where we can and want to make a meaningful contribution. Pretty quickly, the Guerrilla Foundation became a poster child for radical & edgy institutional grantmaking in Europe – which is great, but at the same time also disappointing, because it is clearly also a measure of the quality of the funding field overall.

Whatever the reason you ended up here, we invite you to understand more deeply Why We Do What We Do, and Why We Fund Where We Fund, and then perhaps you can check out some of our Resources for Radical Funders.

Maybe you also gravitate towards our Vision in Verse? Do you vibe with it? If you don’t vibe with all of it, perhaps you vibe with enough of it to see value alignment and scope for collaboration?

But perhaps you just let all that sit for a little while. Digest. Digest. Digest.

Are you excited by the prospect of redistributing resources as well as breaking with the usual pattern in philanthropy where the motto often is ‘those with money decide’? Are you happy, knowing that a group of people embedded in social movements and a supporting infrastructure of individuals trying to live and breathe social justice are channeling resources at the Guerrilla Foundation? Are you passionate about participating in bold, new experiments in political visioning and a fairer way of organising human and non human systems? Are you wildly concerned by the global trajectory and impatient with toothless incrementalism?

Then, it feels like you could be another one of our Funders Circle members, if you want to explore that possibility, reach out to: and we’ll take it from there.