Activist Resources

There are oceans of content out there. There are many gems and there is a lot of noise. Sifting through it all can be quite daunting so as movement-nerds and alternative-politics-geeks, we’ve complied some handy texts, podcasts, vids from our grantees and collaborateurs. Feedback on how useful these are or suggesting stuff that you think should be here and is not, can be directed at: Enjoy.

If you’re looking for other funders alike, here’s a growing list of grantmaking organisations in our network to whom you could reach out for further funding. (note: this list might not always be fully up to date.)

Systems thinking

Fully Automated Gay Space Communism

The Green Transition Part One: The Problem with Green Capitalism



Worker Cooperatives - Widening Spheres of Democracy

Worker Cooperatives - Islands within a Sea of Capitalism


Ron Purser on McMindfulness

Stolen Focus with Johan Hari

Climate & Environmental Justice

People vs Inequality Podcast: Indigenous Peoples defending their rights and the planet

People vs Inequality Podcast: Art and civil disobedience - our last resort for climate justice?