Grantees Berlin, Germany

Das Progressive Zentrum

Das Progressive Zentrum (DPZ) is a Berlin-based independent think tank whose name literally translates to The Progressive Center.

Founded in 2007, DPZ pursues a political agenda that promotes progressive politics and reform in Germany. They are a platform for the international exchange of ideas that includes also the next generation of progressive thinkers, researchers and policymakers. With their activities, they want to help shape a new understanding of progress and contribute to a progressive narrative for a modern dynamic society, a just economy and a modern state of the 21st century.

With our funding, we have supported the Thinking Lab Summit in Lisbon in November 2016. This event is part of the larger Dialogue on Europe project of DPZ and the German Federal Foreign Office that contributes to a strong and better connected European civil society. 

We are also financing a pilot study to be conducted in spring 2017 that aims at developing policy recommendations for the re-design of democratic institutions, structures, processes, and mindsets to revitalise democracy in Germany.


Grant size  1-10k ; 10-20k Year  2016 Approach  Capacity building (trainings, events, research)

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