acTVism Munich is an independent grassroots global online media network in German and English. The non-profit initiative sees itself as a platform for investigative journalists, academics, activists, artists and the concerned and engaged public. They produce articles and video reports, organize roundtable discussions and debates, and translate relevant English content into German about topics of societal importance that are less covered by mainstream media. To remain free from influence, acTVism Munich intentionally does not seek funding from corporations or governmental institutions. It is financed exclusively by donations from other sources and membership fees from its 35+ active members in Germany, France, England and the US.

Events organized by acTVism Munich include “Whistleblowers, activism and indpendent Media” featuring Noam Chomsky, former MI5 agent Anny Machon and Paul Jay founder of The Real News Network and “Germany’s role in the European Union and International Affairs” with Heiner Flassbeck and Noam Chomsky. The network also co-organized the Sam Adams Award with Edward Snowden in Berlin. In 2016, acTVism held exclusive interviews with former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and Wikileaks investigative editor Sarah Harrison and reported from the kick-off of the DiEM 25 movement in Berlin.

Grant size  1-10k Year  2016 ; 2017 Approach  Capacity building (trainings, events, research) ; Media production

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