Julia Gajewski

Julia has always been invigorated by deep conversations, hence her choice of philosophy as her university major. However, connecting more and more back to the existential underpinnings of life, she is realising that fulfilment has to do with true connections to the body/self and others and that rationality in its pure form is a supremacist concept. Singing, emotional intelligence, community organising, pleasure activism, anti-racism, horses, justice, permaculture, community care, etymology, good food, sparkling things, plants and beat-sy music get her heart pumping. 

She used to facilitate and curate cultural and musical projects as the Goethe Talents, was tour managing indie bands and did project management for an NGO called Earthbeat Foundation, an organisation striving for major reform & more fair processes in gold mining. Today, she is humbled by her work with the awesome Guerrilla grantees. She enjoys to coach and support them in every form possible, while juggling her patchwork-y family situation in a different sphere and learning along the way lessons on life, love and struggle.

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