Paolo Fresia

Paolo had already quit his alienating banking job when his mother tragically died. He was then confronted with his privilege by inheriting significant wealth that was originally accumulated by his great-grandfather in the alcoholic beverage sector. He’s since worked to change capitalism mainly by using his financial skills within the belly of the beast. First, by consciously reinvesting all his capital and advising others on how to generate positive impact in the fight against climate change, for gender equality, and for more sustainable supply chains. He’s also consulted for big corporations on their sustainability strategy. Supremely frustrated with the slow pace of change, he’s been wanting to support grassroots activism thanks to its promise to more radically question the root causes of our ecological, social, and democracy crises. Paolo is especially keen to shake up traditional philanthropy by transferring power to the people with lived experience of the problems we all need to tackle. He lives with his husband and two kids in London, loves adventure travel, is an Ayurvedic practitioner, and can cook a mean curry.

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