Grégoire & Tatiana

We are a family of six, including four wonderful children. We love going on long walks in nature, spending time with family, friends and neighbours. Cheese and wine are our sweet (sometimes guilty!) pleasures. Our journey began in Paris where we met while studying architecture and business. We then built a path as successful social entrepreneurs in South America, while also being the 17th generation of a winemaking family that deepens the connections to our roots – the landscape, the territory and our lineage. Recently we joined the pool of shareholders of another family business that is a global company. As a result we’ve received a huge polycapital (financial and influential) that exceeds our needs. We’ve fully dedicated these resources to Impact endeavours that we make through our recently founded investment company. Guided by a commitment to projects that put both people and the planet before financial returns, our investment company aims to contribute to a culture that redefines business success by its regenerative potential, meaning, the capacity to contribute to social and climate justice over profit. As individuals with privilege we believe it is also our duty to pursue that same goal in our philanthropic journey. As an uncle used to say, if you give and it doesn’t hurt…you haven’t given enough.

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