Mohammed Elnaiem

Mohammed is an activist living in the UK who aspires to live up to the expectations of the Black Radical tradition. He is the founding director of the Decolonial Centre, a political education platform that spreads the ideas of anti-colonialism. His biggest intellectual inspiration is C.L.R James, and he sees himself as part of the socialist, anti-colonial tradition. He made the horrible mistake of trying to write a PhD thesis on the relationship between capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy. He still hasn’t finished writing it. Mohammed used to skate, but he was very bad at it. He doesn’t have the patience to finish video games anymore either, although he is passionate about them. Mohammed is also a big fan of dystopian sci-fi, even if he’s trying to stop it from becoming a reality. He likes Snowpiercer, Battlestar Galactica, and The Expanse. He also likes anime. Despite all of this, don’t call him a member of the nerd-left, he doesn’t appreciate it 😉 

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