Ricarda Lamprecht

Formally educated as a peace and conflict researcher and disillusioned by the exhausting treadmill of scholarships and renowned education programs she went through in Bordeaux, Moscow, Antananarivo or Bethlehem, Ricarda spent most of her salaried work in refugee support projects.

On the side she has been doing radical activism for 15 years, her longest contribution being to the Interventionistische Linke. Throughout this time she’s also worked with perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence and supported administratively the Transnational Social Strike Platform. More recently Ricarda’s focus shifted to doing more theoretical works when she published her first article on class and emotion. It is now time to merge the passions of grassroots radical activism and grantmaking work by joining the Guerrilla Foundation.

Ricarda’s side quests are learning all world languages to be able to communicate with (almost) all people on this planet, and working on her first pull-up to one day become an aerial acrobat. Questioning everything and explaining things in too much detail is her love language. You can get her interested in almost any topic, from postcolonial literature or sheep shearing to quantum physics, except for football (but she hasn’t told this to Saminder yet).

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