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Guerrilla Grantees – Closed Call Spring 2018

Ivan March, May 2018

This is the high point of this year for us, thus far. We have our new closed call grantees and partners for 2018 and we’re extremely pleased to get the chance to work alongside them. Of course, yet again, the competition was fierce and choosing a final list was no easy task as we had to decide between brilliant & badass activist initiatives. We had a stronger focus on the Movement area during this call (6 grantees) than for the Backbone (3 grantees), we had two Small Grants Fund grantees, that now receive larger core support grants and we branched out into Austria & Hungary for the first time (you can find out more about our funding areas here). We really do encourage you to visit the websites of these initiatives & follow their social media pages to get a full taste of their activism-awesomeness. We’ll be posting ‘feature’ posts for each of our grantees in the coming weeks, with greater details on what we’re funding for each one, but for those looking for a quick overview, the synopses follow in no particular order:

Act Up London, UK

ACT UP London is a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in outrage and committed to direct action to end the HIV pandemic, along with the broader inequalities and injustices that perpetuate it.


The City is for All , Hungary

The City is For All stands up for the dignity of homeless people and people facing housing difficulties and fights for the right to housing in a context where about 800k-3 million of a total of 10 million people live in housing poverty.


Plan B, UK

Plan B’ is a grassroots, broad-based political movement using strategic legal-action to hold governments and corporates to account for their climate change inaction.


Yes to Life No to Mining Network, Global

Yes to Life, No to Mining is a global solidarity network of and for communities organisations and networks that have decided to resist unwanted mining projects and pursue life-sustaining alternatives to extractivism.


Stay Grounded, Austria

Stay Grounded is a network which aims to tackle the root causes of aviation growth and climate change and works towards an ecologically sustainable and just form of mobility. It consists of airport resistance groups, climate justice activists, critical trade unions, scientists, NGOs, and groups supporting (night) trains as alternatives to flying.


Alter Ego, UK

Alter Ego is a European network of and online media channel for changemakers who are rethinking progressive politics by profiling the vital importance of spiritual, psychological and cultural transformation through gatherings and online media.


Foundation Development Yes, Open Pit Mines No, Poland

Development Yes – Open Pit Mines No! is a grassroots movement with the goal to prevent the opening of new open-pit lignite (coal) mines in Poland and promote a Polish economy based on renewable energy.


Reclaim our Economy, Germany

Reclaim our Economy (RoE) is an independent, pan-European civil society organisation working towards systemic change with a renewed understanding of and acting in the economy.


Switched on London , UK

Switched on London is a grassroots organisation that promotes just and democratic solutions to climate change. SOL’s mission is to use the transformative potential of the climate transition to increase the speed, size and equity of the transformation that our society must undertake and to promote and realise energy democracy.

Via Campesina, Belgium

The European Coordination Via Campesina is the European voice of grassroots peasants and agricultural workers organizations fighting for Food Sovereignty in Europe and for the defence of peasants and field workers rights.