A Deeper Inquiry #12: Latin American Community Organising A Deeper Inquiry

What has Latin American community organising got to do with European organising? Are there common denominators between the two? What is specific to an ecosystem and what can be shared practice?

These are some of the questions that migrant activists from Latin America living in Germany have delved into with their activism at the Centro de EducaciĆ³n Popular Lohana Berkins in Berlin. Their work in this political educational centre has led them to dive deeper into how political commitment can be sustained in a migrant community, what it means to do organising with migrant communities, as well as more generally investigate what actually happens to the process when you pair concrete needs of a foreign community with the forming of a political voice & organisation.

In this Deeper Inquiry session, our speakers guide us through some of these topics while exploring different community organising tools and practices that are the result of accumulated experiences of the politically organised Latin American community in Europe (Germany).

We discuss the differences between grassroots spaces, organisations and movements and what are variations between geographies, as well as what we can learn from difference.

About our speakers

Dario Farcy
He has a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires. He has actively participated in the self-management and cooperative movement in Argentina. At the same time, he has been a teacher in different experiences of popular education in the city of Buenos Aires. In Germany he participated in several experiences of political training and organisation. He is part of the Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin.

Ryan della Salla
Artist and activist who works on the dialogue between activism, pedagogy and art. His experiences in education are mainly linked to political training in grassroots spaces and Guevarist political organisations in Argentina. She contributes to CEP from theatrical and artistic dynamics. She is Grasa Guevara in the drag duo Midragntas.

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