A Deeper Inquiry #11: Imagination Activism A Deeper Inquiry

Speaker: Phoebe Tickell

What is this about?

Imagination is a superpower available to anyone, everyone, at any time, everywhere.

In the face of intensifying ecological and social crises, the world is in need of many transformative changes, not least a profound imaginative shift. Imagination is our greatest asset in crises, as it is an evolutionary bank of flexibility in the face of change. Phoebe’s research has found that over the course of our lives, starting in school, our imaginations become colonised, shut down, and starved of oxygen. Imagination is a muscle and our current system atrophies that muscle.

In order to build back our imagination muscles, we can engage in something called Imagination Activism. An Imagination Activist is a new kind of activist powered by imagination and vision, and equipped with the tools and thinking to build new systems. Imagination Activists utilise imagination, envisioning and visualisation to help people see that a better world is possible, and to shift their perspective to see how they can meaningfully intervene.

In this Deeper Inquiry session, our speaker Phoebe Tickell invites us to embark on collective-visioning to break with formulaic, dark and non-visionary ideas of the future. She will touch on the importance of imagination activism in a time when we must luxuriate our creative selfs to imagine a radically different future for life on this planet.

Speaker bio

Phoebe Tickell is a Hungarian/English innovator born in London. She is a scientist, civic entrepreneur and the founder of Moral Imaginations. With Moral Imaginations, she researches, develops and works with post-rational approaches that combine imagination, science, rigour, art, truth and beauty to help people make sense of the climate crisis and move to transformative action.

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