Menelas Siafakas – Poet. Pornographer. Existential Detective.
by Alex King

Menelas Siafakas has the best business card I have ever seen. It’s a photograph of a man standing in front of a sofa, wearing nothing but a black balaclava and seat-less boxer shorts (which expose his bare bum cheeks). He’s looking over his naked shoulder at the camera and brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle, while […]

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Dan Glass – Queer Liberation in the Heart of London
by Camille Barton

“Remember, we are the key to our freedom” Dan Glass embodies intersectional politics. He has a visionary, community based approach that weaves connections between various groups that are marginalised in society. Dan is a sex positive, queer, healthcare & human rights, award winning activist, performer and writer based in London. His work spans from climate […]

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Some Friendly Advice for Guerrilla Grant Applicants
by Romy Krämer

We get requests for funding on a daily basis from many different corners of Europe. First of all, this is great news because word has clearly spread about the Guerrilla Foundation since we started three years ago. Naturally, some of these requests are more aligned with what we fund than others. That’s alright. We want […]

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Coming Back from the End of the Road
by Antonis Schwarz

A Diary Entry from a Coal Mine Occupation  Being in the field of philanthropy for several years now, it is astounding to see the level of passivity one can fall into over time. You start off the journey bursting with enthusiasm, and then after just a couple of years you discover that your role has […]

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Our First Foray into Fundraising
by Ivan March

At the start of this year, during one of our Guerrilla team get-togethers, we thought, “we have the capacity to fund way more activists & movements, our only limit right now is our budget”. In other words, we’re connected to way more worthy collectives than we’re able to give grants to and we have the […]

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Fearless Cities More Than a One-hit Wonder
by Romy Krämer

*This piece was first published for the ‘Cities of Change‘ initiative within the EDGE Funders Alliance In June 2017 over 700 activists, councillors, mayors and other folks involved in New Municipalism got together in Barcelona for the first international Fearless Cities Summit. An earlier account of the gathering tried to capture the enthusiastic spirit that accompanied […]

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