Reflecting on our Reflexes in 2020
by Ivan March

They say hindsight is 20/20, and 2020 definitely provided quite some sights for us all. For every blow that the Pandemic, the murder of George Floyd or the explosion in Lebanon dealt, there was a Covid19-mutual aid group, a defund the police rally, a rebuild Beirut action. Still, we watched Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck […]

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Going Guerrilla (Virtual) Grantee Gathering
by Ivan March

When an unorthodox foundation and its renegade grantees met online… On the anniversary of the CIA-backed, military coup in Chile & the fall of the Twin Towers, a small slice of the European activist community gathered virtually to inspire, conspire and perspire together. Switch on Zoom, connect to audio, frame face, adjust bed hair, try […]

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Queer Hope & Resilience during COVID19
by Dan Glass

What can be learnt from the queer experience in building a toolkit for hope and perseverance in the age of Corona? Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just begun to acknowledge that ‘there is such a thing as a society’ because of communities coming together in the face of COVID-19. While this may be news to […]

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New Year’s Revolutions 2020
by The Guerrilla Gang

Dear activists, Two years ago we started what has now become, a guerrilla tradition, our New Year’s Revolutions piece in lieu of a dry, Annual Foundation Letter to outline our intentions, aspirations or resolutions for the days ahead. Very simply, we are posing a single question to ourselves: ‘What is the revolution you’d like to see […]

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Some Friendly Advice for Guerrilla Grant Applicants
by Romy Krämer

We get requests for funding on a daily basis from many different corners of Europe. First of all, this is great news because word has clearly spread about the Guerrilla Foundation since we started three years ago. Naturally, some of these requests are more aligned with what we fund than others. That’s alright. We want […]

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Coming Back from the End of the Road
by Antonis Schwarz

A Diary Entry from a Coal Mine Occupation  Being in the field of philanthropy for several years now, it is astounding to see the level of passivity one can fall into over time. You start off the journey bursting with enthusiasm, and then after just a couple of years you discover that your role has […]

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