How to Become a Progressive Philanthropist
by Toni Schwarz

To truly hope, we must be able to articulate clearly and compellingly what it is that we’re hoping for. One of the most rebellious things that we can do is to articulate our own, radical vision, to organize around that vision, and to build real alternatives that embody it in our daily lives. – Farhad Ibrahimi    […]

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5 Lessons in Effective Activism from ZAD
by Ivan March

You may have heard of the recent activist victory against a major airport construction project that has been a sore spot for 4 consecutive French governments. If not, it was pretty major. The government finally abandoned plans for a new €580m airport in western France but the prime minister, Édouard Philippe (who literally no-one has […]

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New Year’s Revolutions
by Ivan, Romy & Toni

Dear activists, It is customary for Foundations to issue a letter at the beginning of the year, laying out their intentions, aspirations & resolutions for the days ahead, and some have reached serious recognition status like the Annual Gates Letter. Since dreaming and intention setting are imperative components to big picture activism, and while we […]

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Please Just Talk to Me
by Ivan March

Tech Meets Political Activism in Catalonia Meet PARLEM. PARLEM, ‘Let’s Talk’ in Catalan, is an app. But unlike tremendously useful and popular apps like CandyCrush and AngryBirds, PARLEM is one of those pesky online platforms that is trying to bring about societal cohesion. At a time when functions like superimposing dog features onto your face, […]

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Guerrilla Grantees – Closed Call Autumn 2017
by The Guerrilla Gang

This decision-making process was grueling. No, we’re not just saying that, it was extremely difficult to decide amongst incredibly capable, driven & audacious activist initiatives. The eclectic group of Guerrilla Grantees of the Autumnal Closed Call of 2017 are all on display below. We had a stronger focus on the Movement area during this call, since we had more Backbone grants […]

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Activist Acupuncture
by Antonis Schwarz & Ivan Juric

The only thing more alarming than the election of Trump and the manifestation of Brexit, is how many similar political fiascos are being tacked onto these two oft-quoted events. The rise of Marine Le Pen, the entrance of the far-right AfD party into the German parliament, the police brutality in Catalonia, Theresa May reminiscing about running […]

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