Teresa Machado

Teresa is an experienced project caretaker, events organiser & curator, a story-smeller, and a systems change aficcionada. She is Guerrilla’s communications co-pilot and the editor of the storytelling portal The Radicals. She helps build the collective muscle of municipalism with the EMN and is a chumrade of its feminisation of politics collective. She digs food culture and provocative (political) art, likes to get baked while listening to Chet Baker and reading Rebecca Solnit. At large because of systemic conditioning, Teresa is sometimes haunted by her and our apparent lack of creativity. She finds soothing to experiment with radical imagination to imbue a new culture for the self and the many. She identifies as a she that is home to a we, referring to the multitudes of emotional layers that reveal her selves. She’s enchanted by the airs and tastes of the sun, particularly those of her homeland, Portugal.

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