Simon Hermann

Simon used to study physics and doing his best to forget about those shares of a pharmaceutical company owned by his family, which he had inherited in his youth. At the end of his studies he started to realize that just shying away from the wealth would not resolve the conflicts with his own values and he started to seek out for a community, to tackle those conflicts.

Starting at the Bewegungsstiftung he got in touch with the people setting up Resource Transformation, which turned out to be the place he had been looking for. Fast forward a few month, he figured out, that him not wanting to take decision on whom to give his money and which activists to support may also have a structural component connected to the questions of whose voices are heard and whose opinions are valued.

Nowadays he is looking for projects, where the decision making power is shifted to people, who understand the problem they are tackling from lived experiences.

When he is not trying to redistribute the money he inherited, Simon loves to get lost in open source software and spend his time in the mountains hiking and climbing all the mountaintops he can find.

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