Romy Krämer

Romy researched and supported translocal anti-mining struggles, built and ran online and offline educational programs for social entrepreneurs globally, and did applied human factors research in the oil industry. She had never worked in philanthropy and her research had made her critical of NGOs that weren’t connected to grassroots movements – two major ingredients for setting up Guerrilla together with Toni and Ivan. Romy is the mother of an energetic toddler and, despite 20 years of yoga practice, still can’t sit in meditation. Too perfectionist and self conscious to ever develop an artistic practice, curating salads and composing meals from whatever is in the fridge is Romy’s way of making art. Born in East Berlin she experienced some of the positives of the GDR as well as the hard come-down into capitalism after the fall of the wall. Romy often daydreams about what a deeply democratic communism 2.0 might look like and what role non-religious forms of spirituality might play in this new system.

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