Melike Futtu

Melike grew up in Izmir, Turkey, and is currently based in Budapest, Hungary. She is a former human rights journalist and alternative media researcher. Her activist journey began during the Gezi Resistance in Turkey where she was particularly active in the feminist and LGBTIQ+ movements. Melike is now working with the Artivist Network as a creative facilitator, artivist and digital activist. She also works as a freelancer to support grassroots groups and campaigns such as Debt For Climate by providing social media and communications support. She believes in the power of digital activism to decolonise the dominant narratives and discourses for social and climate justice. As an artivist, she also works on guerrilla theatre, particularly the theatre of the oppressed as a tool for interventionism. She is highly passionate about underground literature as well as Turkish and Eastern European cinema, which brings her to review many books and films. Melike is obsessed with Balkan music and dance and follows contagiously the groovement whenever she has the chance.

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