Smart CSOs Lab

The Smart CSOs Lab is out on a mission to turn more civil society organisations (CSOs) into agents of a just transition by connecting their activities and campaigns more clearly to root causes and systemic change objectives. 

Improving the work of existing organisations is a great leverage point for our goal as a foundation to contribute to systemic change. With our grant, we support a 2-year action research project labelled ‘Pathways to the Great Transition’ that will help to further develop and expand the knowledge base for Smart CSOs’ work.

The video below represents one way in which the Smart CSOs Lab influences civil society organisations. Shot at the Smart CSOs Conference held in 2015, it emphasises the need for campaigns to be designed with systemic change goals in mind instead of the usual focus on short-term wins. All too often, campaigns promote values that are not in line with the ultimate goal of a democratic, fair, and sustainable future. Smart CSOs Lab aims to change this situation.

If you are an activist or from a campaigning organisation, the Re-imagining Activism Toolkit is definitely an interesting read and might help you align your activities with system change objectives.

Grant size  1-10k Year  2016 Approach  Capacity building (trainings, events, research)

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