Deeper Inquiry #1 The Dark Side of Environmentalism A Deeper Inquiry

Speakers: Hilary Moore & Kuba Gogolewski

Participating in the Discussion:
(in order of appearance)

  • Steve Rogenstein – The Ambeesadors
  • Sophie – By2020WeRiseUp
  • Justin Kenrick – Heartpolitics
  • Indra Adnan – The Alternative UK
  • Tom Llewellyn –
  • Cleo Barnett – Amplifier
  • Gary Krane – GetCourage
  • Patrick Chalmers – All Hands On

Reading Content

Discussion Questions

1) In what way do you advocate climate justice when discussing just transition in fossil fuel dependent communities in the Global North?

2) Would you consider equipment sabotage of fossil fuel infrastructure that would NOT put workers at risk as ecofascism/ecoterrorism?

3) When is an alliance with the right and far right justified? What are the conditions or red lines that one needs to watch out for when negotiating or working within such an alliance?

4) What have you heard that feels relevant for your work and context?

5) What are some similarities and differences between the narratives in your climate work and the narratives used by right and far right groups?

6) What does your group need in order to navigate these well?

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