A Deeper Inquiry #8 – Feministisation of Politics A Deeper Inquiry

Speakers: Maria Francesca de Tullio & Irene Zugasti

Are there tyrannical phalocratic vibes in your political assemblies? Have you experienced different group processes with feminine or masculine identifiers? How does a gendered perspective help navigate political organising? Which realms, or areas of action are a priority for feminist transformation?

Feministisation of Politics explores ways of feminist organising, with the ultimate intention to shape-shift the way politics and activism (in a broad sense) are done. It is a practice that dives into how feminist principles apply to political movements’ processes and practices, offering roadmaps of doing feminism, especially in the context of municipalist organisations.

In this Deeper Inquiry session, our speakers Maria Francesca de Tullio and Irene Zugasti will guide us through some of the applications of Feministisation of Politics connecting to issues of care, resources and power. They will share experiences documented by the FoP Collective which they are part of, as well as the political projects they’ve helped shape. The session is also an invitation for participants to reflect on the feministisation of their – and their organisations’ – practices as well as exchange on good examples that could serve as inspiration for collective visioning.

Speakers bios

Irene Zugasti is a political scientist working in gender equality policies in the municipality of Madrid. As a public sector worker and a feminist activist, she has participated in both sides of municipalist experiences: from the processes and debates inside the organisations to the “implementation gaps” (meaning, the challenges and limits) of public policies. She is also part of the Feminisation of Politics collective of the European Municipalist Network.

Maria Francesca de Tullio is an activist in l’Asilo as well as Italian and European commons movements, with special reference to creative use of law and negotiations with administrations. She is a part of the Council of audit on public debt of the city of Naples, part of the Activist Council of the Guerrilla Foundation and a comrade of the Feminisation of Politics collective.

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