Živilė Mantrimaitė

Živilė is a community organiser and a facilitator, driven by localised problems – periodically, frustration – and being helpful whenever or wherever needed. Her early activism was instigated by learning about climate justice, discovering tools on Beautiful Trouble, and meeting amazing activists throughout the journey. These were the most effective sources of her motivation. Gradually, her focus evolved to being more based on intersectionality and finding common points of solidarity within activist circles, who work on different issues. This has led to network Y?! coming about – starting as a cross-issue festival, Y?! is an activist participatory fund based in the Baltic countries. Currently staying in Lithuania and running a local energy poverty project, facilitating events for LGBTQ+ youth, and working on a campaign for human-friendly planning of the city, which is threatened to be taken over by large corporations. Živilė loves board games, camping, exploring outside, swimming and binge-watching when there is time.

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