Thomas is an active member of Resource Transformation, a German speaking community of people with class privilege and access to wealth who want to commit to social justice transformations and redistribute their wealth to social movements. He inherited a large amount of wealth that was created by the employees and the workers in the supply chain of a family-owned retail company that his grandparents founded. He is convinced that in a just and democratic world, wealth and power accumulation like his should not be possible in the first place. Readings about systemic injustices, oppressions and collective liberation greatly moved and influenced him. He also owes it to good friends and colleagues for investing the difficult emotional work to confront and challenge him in his privileges. Thomas is committed to redistributing his wealth to social movements that fight for a better world for all; something that he is wholeheartedly convinced is possible and feasible. He gets excited about cycling, acapella music and chips/crisps (but only plain salted).

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