And The Nominees Are…

by The Guerrilla Gang

For the time being, the Guerrilla Foundation has two closed calls for funding per year, one in the spring and one in autumn. Unlike an open call, whereby a publicly announced call for applications is communicated far and wide, and where all candidates that fit the call’s criteria can apply, we have opted for the closed call approach, via which we solicit grant applications from particular activism and social movement organisations.  The trade-off was weighed carefully. We sacrifice the openness and breadth of the public call, however we gain strategic robustness, trust-building and overhead capacity. We’ll very briefly explain what we mean by this.

Strategic Robustness – by soliciting grants from particular organisations, we ensure that either their core operation or specific projects, whichever they require support for, are closely aligned with our strategic focus, on empowering grassroots movements and activists with a pan-European orientation.

Trust-Building – since we limit the number of organisations we invite to apply, this allows for pre-application  brainstorming, discussing, tweaking and re-tweaking, all conducive to building trust and understanding between ourselves and the prospective grantees we seek to empower. In certain instances, this process also allows for creative co-creation and/or collaboration building between other organisations working in the same field.

Overhead Capacity – our team is small, which mean we do not have the resources to process and evaluate a vast number of grant applications which come with open calls. We prefer to keep our admin overhead low and response time short so that we can maximise the amount of funding we can funnel into the brilliant organisations that apply, and get back to them sooner rather than later.

But we realise that this behind-the-scenes approach has its shortcomings, and therefore we want to ensure that we make this as transparent as possible; so instead of simply announcing the grantees that will receive funding we are showcasing the complete list of organisations that have been invited to apply.

Moreover, we think that the work these organisations are doing is exciting and essential, and we want as many people as possible to find out about them. We also consider that the awards show adage holds true, that even to just be nominated is amazing, therefore, in no particular order, this is our complete Closed Call Shortlist for Spring 2017:



The Wellbeing Project

A co-creation project between Esalen Institute, Ashoka, Fetzer, Skoll, Synergos and Impact Hub focused on bringing together inner wellbeing and social change through a limited life initiative (3 years), that is a undertaking 4 key pillars of activity which are the key points of leverage to fundamentally shift the culture of the social change space.


Center for Political Beauty

An assault team that establishes moral beauty, political poetry and human greatness while aiming to preserve humanitarianism. The Center for Political Beauty engages in the most innovative forms of political performance art – a broader approach to theatre: art must hurt, provoke and rise in revolt, what they call ‘aggressive humanism’.


Berlin Bicycle Referendum (Netzwerk Lebenswerte Stadt)

A German nonprofit organisation that exists to create more equitable, social, sustainable, and people-friendly cities and urban spaces. They aim to bring about a major transition in the way mobility is practiced, away from the dominance of automobiles and towards sustainable and livable cities.


European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City

A network of 27 grassroots groups fighting for housing justice in 20 countries across Europe; they support members in their respective struggles in their home countries, and bring them together to campaign effectively in coalition.


Ende Gelände

A wide-ranging and fast-growing grassroots campaign that organises actions of mass civil disobedience against the use of coal power; engaging thousands of people in the fight for climate justice.


European Alternatives

A transnational, non-profit and non-state organisation working to promote democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state as well as imagine, demand and enact alternatives for a viable future for Europe.


The Good Lobby

A project of eLabEurope, a non-profit organisation registered in Spain and whose mission is foster citizen engagement in the European space. The Good Lobby democratizes lobbying by connecting public expertise with NGOs to make people’s voices heard in the policy process and society at large.


The Transnational Institute (TNI)

An international research and advocacy institute committed to building a just, democratic and sustainable world by strengthening international social movements with rigorous research, reliable information, sound analysis and constructive proposals that advance progressive, democratic policy change and common solutions to global problems.



A nonprofit association that aims to overcome financial cuts that people are threatened with when depending on social security benefits by showing that they are inhumane as well as both, financially and motivationally, useless.


Campaign Bootcamp

A Campaign Academy that aims to disrupt the campaigning sector by building and sustaining a diverse community of campaigners and activists who have the confidence, skills, networks and resilience to tackle the urgent issues of our time.


Open Minds (

A growing sisterhood of the world’s leading national, multi-issue, digitally-native campaigning organisations – creating a space for learning and collaboration between the world’s progressive campaigning powerhouses.



A nonprofit human rights organisation with 25 years of experience in the field of finance and energy, which tackles the underlying causes of global environmental destruction and poverty. They monitor the activities of German companies and banks abroad and educate the public about the negative impacts of consumption patterns on people and nature in far-away places.


Love For Life

A nonprofit organisation dedicated to creating conscious, sustainable change from the inside out and empowering people to live their fullest potential in service of all life. Their mission revolves around creating awareness, taking direct action and facilitating systemic change across a wide range of activities & peace-building projects.


The final list of organisations that will receive Guerrilla Grants shall be announces in Mid May.