And the Nominees Are…

by The Guerrilla Gang

For the time being, the Guerrilla Foundation has two closed calls for funding per year, one in the spring and one in autumn, and yes since we are in the Northern hemisphere, this is our autumnal one. Unlike an open call, whereby a publicly announced call for applications is communicated far and wide, and where all candidates that fit the call’s criteria can apply, we have opted for the closed call approach, via which we solicit grant applications from particular activism and grassroots movement organisations/initiatives. The trade-off was weighed carefully. We sacrifice the openness and breadth of the public call, however we gain strategic robustness, trust-building and overhead capacity. We’ll very briefly explain what we mean by this.

Strategic Robustness – by soliciting grants from particular organisations, we ensure that either their core operation or specific projects, whichever they require support for, are closely aligned with our strategic focus, on empowering grassroots movements and activists with a pan-European orientation.

Trust-Building – since we limit the number of organisations we invite to apply, this allows for pre-application  brainstorming, discussing, tweaking and re-tweaking, all conducive to building trust and understanding between ourselves and the prospective grantees we seek to empower. In certain instances, this process also allows for creative co-creation and/or collaboration building between other organisations working in the same field.

Overhead Capacity – our team is small, which means we do not have the resources to process and evaluate a vast number of grant applications which come with open calls. We prefer to keep our admin overhead low and response time short so that we can maximise the amount of funding we can funnel into the brilliant organisations that apply, and get back to them sooner rather than later.

But we realise that this behind-the-scenes approach has its shortcomings, and therefore we want to ensure that we make this as transparent as possible; so instead of simply announcing the grantees that will receive funding we are showcasing the complete list of organisations that have been invited to apply.

Moreover, we think that the work these organisations are doing is exciting & essential, and we want as many people as possible to find out about them. In comparison to the Spring Closed Call, we placed greater emphasis on campaigns & initiatives that would fall under our Movement focus area since we had more Backbone grants in Spring, you can find out more about our funding areas here. We also consider that the awards show adage holds true, that even to just be nominated is amazing, therefore, in no particular order, this is our complete Closed Call Shortlist for Autumn 2017:


NEON (New Economy Organisers Network)

NEON is a network of over 1,600 UK organisers from 900 different civil society groups. They run powerful trainings and support campaigns to help progressives win social, economic & environmental justice.

Hambacher Forst Occupation

A movement to protect the millenarian (extremely old) Hambacher Forest, occupied for last six years and thus blocking the expansion of RWE’s coal mines in Germany’s Rhineland.

The Rules

The Rules is a worldwide network of activists, artists, writers, farmers, peasants, students, workers, designers, hackers, spiritualists and dreamers, linking up, pushing the global narrative in a new direction. They focus on five strategic areas that are in desperate need of radical reform: Money, Power, Secrecy, Ideas and The Commons. They explore world-changing ideas, dig up dirt on corporations & corrupt CEOs, hurl metaphysical stones at governmental & societal repression, and offer material support to emerging movements & spontaneous activist fissures, wherever they occur.


Peng is an explosive concoction of activism, hacking and art battling the barbarism of our time. And that’s all we’re going to say about that for now.

The Red Line Campaign (Linha Vermelha)

A national campaign against dirty energy, particularly oil and gas drilling across Portugal. The campaign uses effective visuals via red lines, knitted by activists, and members of the local community standing up to gas and oil exploitation. The movement is national and aims to mobilise communities across Portugal however with also close international ties and a growing network of clean energy allies. This campaign is also receiving support from a local ecovillage partner, the healing biotope Tamera.

Mehr Demokratie e.V. 

Mehr Demokratie is the largest non-party organization promoting democracy in the European Union. They are the driving force for referenda and a better electoral law so that every vote counts equally and everybody has the right to participate. Citizens committed to change founded Mehr Demokratie in 1988 and today they have thirteen regional branches, eight offices & members.


A small collective that is engaged in the fight against gas, fracking, mining – the works. Their aim is to support grassroots groups who fight new gas infrastructure, facilitate the flow of information between NGOs & local groups, connect people and help build a movement that will stop gas and bring an energy transition.

Ne Davimo Beograd (Let’s not Drown Belgrade)

Ne da(vi)mo Beograd (Don’t let Belgrade d(r)own) is an initiative that brings together organisations and individuals interested  in urban and cultural policies, sustainable city development, fair use of common resources, and the involvement of citizens in the urban development of their environment. They are a diverse group of people gathered around a common goal: putting an end to the degradation and plunder of Belgrade on behalf of megalomaniacal urban and architectural projects, primarily the “Belgrade Waterfront” project.

Campaign Accelerator

The Campaign Accelerator blends high-performing campaign strategy tools and collaborative processes with proven methods inspired by design thinking. They’ve found that this hybrid approach enables teams to build campaigns that engage more people in deeper, more powerful ways.

Vollgeld Initiative

The aim of the Swiss Sovereign Money Initiative is to reform the banking and money system to work the way that most people would like, which happens to also be the way that most people believe it already works: a) The Swiss National Bank would be the sole organisation authorised to create money – not only cash and coins, but also the electronic money in our bank accounts b) The banks would provide all the services as they do now including bank accounts, payment transactions and loans. They just won’t be able to create money anymore.

London Renters Union

An emerging union, that is strong and member-led, that listens to and empowers London renters, in all their diversity. It is fairly well known that London’s private renters are getting a rotten deal, tenancies are too short, disrepair is too common, and rents are higher than almost anywhere in the world. However, across Europe there are examples of more humane systems, where renters can access affordable, decent and secure homes. This union will stand with and for London’s private renters: a union that will fight for a fair deal for renters and build the power needed to transform London’s housing system.

Commons Network

The Commons Network is a civil society initiative and think-tank working on a local, national and European level. They promote access to knowledge and other social and ecological causes from the perspective of the commons. They engage in policy formulation as well as public debate, promoting the common good through commons-based solutions while cooperating with civic initiatives, translating ideas and concerns into broader policy initiatives.


ZEMOS98 is a team of cultural workers. They try to create critical thinking, and to deconstruct the mass-media messages, to weave networks, relationships & communities. They try to work (g)locally, behind the borders. They try to organise a Festival every year and try to create a New Media Laboratory called 98LAB to learn about this things. So, basically, they try things.

European Network for People of African Descent

ENPAD a Pan-European Black Movement for the implementation of the respect and recognition of the dignity, equality and human rights of People of African Descent in Europe.

Global Hub for the Common Good

None of the known political and economic systems have been able to eradicate the major problems of humanity such as poverty and inequality. They have even created a new global problem, the climate change. On the other hand, civil society and business are innovating in order to transform our lifestyle and to solve problems. However, there is a lack of policy-making innovation and, in the end, of systemic innovation. These facts have motivated the idea of the Global Hub for the Common Good as well as their Vision and Mission which are: Co-creating a new political, economic and social system aimed at the global common good & filling the gap between civil society & business innovation and politics while promoting Governance for the Common Good.

DICO (German Institute for Community Organising)

The German Institute for Community Organizing (DICO) is a focal point for the development of independent, broad-based citizens’ organisations using the model of community organising and an interface between theory & practice for research in this and related areas. It supports the development of strong, democratic civil society institutions and the training of professionals –”reflective practitioners” – who serve organized civil society. The Institute is a pre-eminent center for community organising in Germany.


*Note: since we are in bed with movement builders and activists, sometimes discretion is needed and not everything can be disclosed from the get-go so we have not been able to announce all our applicants, but they may be revealed retroactively at a later date.


The final list of organisations that will receive Guerrilla Grants shall be announced in Mid October.