What We Fund

Target  Groups

  • Grassroots organisations that organise and mobilise individuals, particularly those from marginalised backgrounds.
  • Movement organisations with a collaborative pan-European orientation particularly those that are addressing relevant issues from a systemic perspective.
  • Individual activists that are central to a specific movement and want to implement a relevant project beyond organisational borders.
  • Organisations and projects that provide structures for learning, communicating, organising & mobilising – online and offline.

What We Don’t Fund

  • For-profit efforts, even if they have a social or political dimension.
  • Religious organisations and political parties.
  • Primarily artistic or academic projects (even if they relate to social movements / activism).
  • Government programmes.
  • Non-profit ventures with annual budgets over €150K.

Selection Criteria

In the first step of the selection process, the Guerrilla Foundation team will seek out relevant organisations in Europe that work on issues that are of interest and currently important. These are the criteria that they will use to differentiate between these relevant organisations:

Systemic Perspective – Is the project addressing root causes? Is it working towards systemic change, moving away from the symptomatic approach to a more holistic framework? Sustained action on achieving a core mission as opposed to one-off activities.

Catalytic – Bold and promising early stage initiatives. And/or initiatives that have a tough time finding funds elsewhere. How important is what Guerrilla Foundation has to offer for this organisation?

Embodiment of Progressive Values – Does the organisation promote and embody the progressive values of equity, fairness, non-violence, democracy, and sustainability?

Absorption Potential – Financial & management ability, size of grant in relation to overall project/programme/organisation budget, stable organisation with low turnover & capable staff.

Multiplier Effect – Is there the potential to create large impact on an issue, field or network of organisations? How effective and creative is this organisation/individual at communication of its impact, ideas etc.? How central and/or collaborative within the ecosystem is this organisation/individual?

Need more framing? Check-out this blog article to get a better understanding of our reasoning behind what we fund and where we fund.